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Local Internet Marketing

Today's modern local internet marketing translates to less effort, more customers, and better conversions for your company. And the fact that it can be set up through our all-in-one system means that you get it all without the hassles many expect.

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Claim Your Local Client Base With Local Internet Marketing

It's very common for today's businesses to focus so much on their online efforts that they simply take a path of 'global online focus.

But while it's important to be open and ready for customers from all over the nation or the world it's even more important that local businesses don't forget their local roots. Targeted customers in and around your location are going to be looking for services or products that are within their area, and that means that you need to reach them.

That's the key to establishing your local footprint, and the internet can help tremendously. But the key is understanding what local internet marketing is. And for those who have no interest in all at doing business nationally, local internet marketing is even more important.

Surveys continue to show that most customers still prefer to do business with local companies thanks to the ease of pickup for products and the fact that services are much faster. And when you add in the fact that it's easier for customers and clients to trust a business and grow to have a strong relationship with them, making sure you're targeting your local area is an absolute must.

Setting Up Your Foundation

The key begins with setting up an organic foundation that helps you get better rankings in local and geo-targeted SEO and then continues to drive in visitors that will actually turn into sales conversions. Getting clients to visit your site is important, but so is making sure they actually use your business. Our plans can help get the right traffic to your site.

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SEO Design

This is the key building block, where it all begins. Our team is made up of experts who understand how to build websites that are optimized for good search engine results. This helps keep your website ranking high in the results of engines like Bing and Google, which in turn helps drive maximum conversions to your company.

Quality Content

Today, content really is king. You not only need to make sure that your business looks like it's the industry leader in your field, but you also need to provide content that your visitors will find compelling, useful, and meaningful. These things actually impact your SEO, but they impact your brand identity and your overall online marketing results even more.

On-Page Optimization

There's a lot more to good SEO than just keyword stuffing. The internet has changed a lot since those days, and now everything from the layout to the design of your site will have an impact on your search results. And it also impacts the success of your site and whether or not you'll get the right results from visitors. On page optimization is a must if you're serious about your local internet marketing, and we can help.

Custom Offers

Create and post offers quickly. Customers are already looking for your services. Why not give them a deal to choose you over the competition.

Autoresponder Messages

Every time that a visitor fills out a form on your website, they're giving you the chance to engage with them and make them a converted sale. An autoresponder message doesn't have to seem bland and annoying, and with our help we can make sure that your automated message actually helps you stand out from your competitors and get the attention of your visitors.

Email Marketing

Despite what some might think, Email marketing isn't dead. Our technology includes inbound marketing systems that help our clients develop good email marketing efforts including templates you can use for everything from press releases to special promotions and more. We teach you the keys of email marketing and give you the tools you need to make it work for you.

Local SEO

Local SEO is one of the single most important aspects of an online presence, especially if your physical location is the primary focus of your business. Our team understands how important local SEO is and also how to make sure that your company shows up high in search engine results.

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Leading Search Results

Sites like Bing Local, Yahoo Local, and Google Places are all designed to get you noticed in the local online marketplace. Our team will setup your presence so that you get the attention you need to stand out online on these directories.

Citation Builder (Directory Listings)

Being included in local directories is a must as well. Kind of like digital yellow pages, these listings can help you get better SEO results and get noticed by local clients or customers. Our team will place your company in hundreds of directories to ensure that you stand out.

Additional Campaigns

Keeping your company fresh and interesting in the minds of visitors and clients is important, and can not only build brand identity but also help you stand out as 'the' company to trust. Things like monthly press releases, articles, and announcements are often enough to keep local interest strong in your business, and even draw in business from outside your standard local area.

High Profile Backlinks

The right backlinks from high profile PR sites and Wiki pages could be the difference in getting noticed online. Our team provides the right backlinks to get you better results.

Ranking Reports

We believe in keeping our clients informed, and anytime you're ready for a report on how your site and your business sis doing in the rankings, we'll provide it to you. This way, you can make sure that you're getting the results you deserve and that you stand out online and in the local markets.

Phone Number & Call Recording

We'll set up a phone number that forwards to whatever number you need it to head to and also record each call. This gives you a more visible look at your investment and how it's working for you.

Geo Targeted Marketing

Geo targeted marketing is marketing that can quickly convert to customers and that generates results even without high SEO rankings. We can help you set up your Geo targeted marketing efforts to drive better potential customers to your business.

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Local Social Marketing

Local social marketing utilizes local social sources and social media to help local business owners get better local results. We utilize all social media platforms to help get you better results than you would otherwise get from using sites like Facebook or Twitter.

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Account Setup

From your profile photo to your description to your links, setting up Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts properly is a must. Our team will help create the right kind of profiles and show you how to access and use them.

Monthly Social Media Marketing

We also create monthly campaigns that include everything from blog posts to industry news to Tweets and social media links and more. This helps you leverage one of the greatest marketing tools ever social media to your favor, and it's something we're experts at. With our guidance, we can make you an expert as well.

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Our Local Internet Marketing Expertise

We have highly skilled professionals experienced in every aspect of local internet marketing. We take a well rounded aproach to increasing your local presence beginning with building and optimizing a website for local search. We expand your local presence by listing your business in over 100 local business directories along with an additional repository of local citation directories. We setup a localized blog and post content to your blog, social media pages and across the internet locally.

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Our state of the art technology drives costs down and increases leads.


Our SEO campaigns will get you in front of the right customers and ahead of the competition.

Social Media

Our social media marketing will increase exposure and increase ranking.


We utilize a comprehensive strategy to increase your rankings and drive quality leads.


We produce quality results that not only increase exposure but also maximize sales.


Our analytics technology compiles reports on traffic, calls, and ranking across all touchpoints.

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